Blogging Like a Hacker

Commandline or bust

Posted by Thomas Black on 12 April 2015

Let’s give this another go…

My last attempt at maintaining an active blog made use of Wordpress on a Linux VPS kindly sponsored by my friend Eric Andrews over at Compile Consulting. Fun at the time, but I definitely no longer have a desire to maintain Internet facing instances, especially not running Wordpress.

This version makes use of Github pages - no Linux, no Wordpress, no admin; w00t!

It includes loads of awesome new tech I’ve been meaning to play with though:

  • Jekyll
  • Bootstrap
  • More Git
  • Ruby (testing Octopress for automation)

I plan on spending more time with personal tech. After spending many years directing, and now consulting on tech projects, I thought it’s about time I directed some of this enthusiam into personal efforts.